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Sierra Leone: Unique Bars You Must Visit in Freetown

Finding a hotspot in your destination location is always a tough job.

With today being the start of black history month as well as national inclusion week in the United Kingdom, I need African American couples to know that there is somewhere in the world that is as close as possible to Wakanda, a place where they are not in the minority. A special place where all your guests will be greeted with the warmest smiles and party all weekend.That place is called Sierra Leone and it's home! I am cheerleading the campaign to get you all to reclaim what's rightfully yours.

"Whether you are planning a beach wedding for close family and friends or eloping to Sierra Leone for your destination wedding, going out for drinks in Freetown is always a good idea!"

Hotspots For Drinks in Freetown

If like me you hate the idea of a packaged holiday, you'll definitely need to do your homework on local unique finds ahead of your trip, especially if you are hosting a weekend celebration for international guests. Trust me, as stunning as the resorts come in Freetown ( the capital city of Sierra Leone), your guests wouldn't want to be locked up doing the same thing day in day out especially if they are out there on limited time. So if that sounds like you, here are some unique finds in Freetown everyone seems to be raving about. . They are ideal for welcome drinks, a hen do or a night out with the lads (stag do).

Vanity Lounge Bar

Hotspots For Drinks in Freetown

  1. Vanity Lounge Bar (High End)

  2. Scarlet ( High End, but temporarily shut)

  3. Toma Boutique Hotel and Restaurant - ( Tropical vibes)

  4. Eddie's

  5. The Warehouse (a pit stop for dancing and late night food)

  6. Honeysuckle ( Old English bar kinda feel)

Photo Credit King Pro Creatives

OK, I haven't recently reviewed the above recommendtions in person as I live in London with frequent travel to Sierra Leone (my home country), but together with the Wed in Sierra Leone team, we will run a thorough review of said bars and this will be made available on the blog in December.

In the meantime, how gorgeous is this beaut who escaped lockdown restrictions in London for a quarantine birthday party with her lover at Toma Boutique Hotel in Freetown? She tells us the tiger prawn dish on Toma's menu is a winner. Bookmark this post for when we will all travel again and Happy Black History Month!! Sierra Leone loves you!

Toma Boutique Hotel

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